Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Panic

::::edit:::: This theme has now been downloaded over 15,000 times and it's only been up for five days! Huge thanks to Kyle at for hosting it!

I just made my very first custom animated lockscreen for my iPhone based on the great little green guy that used to grace the covers of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

With the iPhone it's as if Douglas Adams himself worked hand in hand with Apple, his favorite tech brand, and designed the closest thing to the actual Guide.

I've used some variation of this image below as the wallpaper for all of my cell phones. I did not create the image, major props to whomever did. What I did do, is animate the arms and tongue so they wave about. Also there is a highlight that passes across the words Don't Panic. Words to live by my friends.

The animated lockscreen is available only for jailbroken iPhones via Cydia using Winterboard. If your phone is already jailbroken then you'll know what all that means. In the first hour or so it's already been downloaded almost 600 times! Now if only he were around to see it...

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Wes said...


I love the Don't Panic lockscreen. But, it does something unexpected.

When you are on a call and another comes in, normally you see options in the middle "Ignore" and "Hold call + Answer." When Don't Panic is enabled, these two options are quickly covered up.