Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clockwork iPhone Animated Lockscreen & Sliders

Clockwork is my new custom animated lockscreen for the iPhone available through Cydia hopefully soon thanks to www.modmyi.com for hosting my themes.

This one features a beating heart powering some gears and a piston. I've also include three custom sliders for your pleasure as well.

I'm hoping to make a whole theme with this including either animated wallpaper or at least a very cool set of changing wallpapers, and possibly icons as well. This will depend on whether the new PayPal donation system affords me the time to work on it.

So if you dig it and you want more, drop me a buck or two to chris@bordenca.com via PayPal or use the "Donate" button on the right there and I'll get going! I'll even take suggestions.

And if you want your own unique custom theme, e-mail me and maybe we can work something out!

Enjoy everyone!


reverendflint said...

Great Work! I installed immediately. I'm anxious to see what a whole theme would look like. This is wonderfully steampunk! Thanks!

joseph said...

i like it. it needs more gears and escapements. also, i the slider is to large and over hangs the shadow which makes it look weird.

eddp said...

I love this Clockwork and very miss theme for it, lot of brass, something like gadgets from Jules Verne or Wild Wild West movie.I promise to send you few bugs !

krystal said...

Hi, any idea when the theme will be done? Or at least an animated wallpaper for it? Its hard to use it and have no wallpaper to compliment it when receiving calls or just otherwise. I love it alot and just want an update :)