Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crepuscular Wallpaper for iPhone

Crepuscular is a changing wallpaper I just made for jailbroken iPhones using Winterboard soon to be available via Cydia. It is meant to go along with Clockwork the lockscreen shown below. In this set of wallpapers there is a little circular window that reveals the sun or the moon depending on the time of day. Huge props to the creator of the Illuminated theme for creating the html.

Also there is a green glass apparatus where the page dots sit, so they look like they are contained within. It will hold 7 dots well, 8 dots look okay, and if you've got 9 pages well, there's an app called Categories you should check out.

I leave the bottom right icon space empty so the sun / moon dial is not covered.

Thanks everyone for the great feedback on Clockwork, it's been downloaded 8,000 times in three days.

As always if you're feeling the love please drop a buck or two my way via PayPal and I can keep cranking out the themes. Request and suggestions welcome.

Huge thanks again to for the hosting!


Blueberry said...

Freakin cool shits dude!

Blueberry said...

Now that you're designing the insides, you should take a stab at designing the outside:

It looks like they take on new artists

tony sak said...

how did you get the time based theme control? i would like to create a theme like this. is their a tutorial anywhere?

Chris B. said...

tony sak: If you ssh into your phone go to /Themes and copy the Crepuscular folder to your computer. You can open it up and usse the Wallpaper.html. You can replace the images I used with your own just rename them with the same name and you'll have a time based theme of your own.

tony sak said...

thanks man :D i appreciate the reply