Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Stuff Near My Desk iPhone finger painting

This is the random stuff sitting on a small bookshelf next to my desk. Here is what you see:

A fake Wii controller that contains mint bubblegum. My son bought this and hid it among our Wii controllers to trick me.
Rubik's Cube
1 Florin from Aruba
Alfred E. Neuman
First generation iPhone ac adapter
Empty absinthe bottle from Amsterdam
Funkey's Pineapple Kinge (behind the bottle)
Wind up AT-AT w/ Stormtrooper bobble head from a kids' meal.
Metal Boba Fett can with a large black Sharpie, a red Sharpie, and a pointy sculpting too.
A fake gold dubloon, a 1 cent Euro, a buffalo nickel
A metal box with skull and crossbones (empty)
A bamboo plant.

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