Friday, March 21, 2008

100 Faces of War Experience - Artist Matt Mitchell

Matt Mitchell is a painter I met when our wives were pregnant in baby having classes. We caught up with him and his wife last weekend for the first time in years. They are both incredible, accomplished artists. Matt's current project is called "100 Faces of War Experience"

Here is a quote from his statement:

100 Faces is a growing collection of portraits and statements by Americans with war experience in Iraq or Afghanistan (OIF, OEF). Not all the people pictured are military personnel, other people who have gone from America with a different mission or a different role than the military are also pictured.

The 100 Faces project has grown in many ways over the past couple years. As more portraits have been painted , more personal histories described, more exhibitions and events have been held the nature of this project has expanded. What began as a vision by one artist has branched out to become a project about history.

You can see the portraits at the website by following this link.

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